How does Property Moose make money?

Joining Property Moose is completely free of charge. We charge a fee on any funds raised (5%) which covers our costs in raising the fund, investigating the properties, carrying out our due diligence, organising the initial renovation and management, developing our market leading software, marketing the property and expert customer service.

We then receive a profit fee (15%) that ensures we are incentivised to only offer strong investment opportunities - we only make money when you do. This is taken from the gross capital growth before we distribute the rest to you.

Most importantly, Property Moose is completely transparent about how we take our cut. We display all of the projected returns as net of all fees so you have a clear understanding of the potential returns on offer. There are no hidden costs and a breakdown of the financials is attached to each listed property.

If our fee structure is different for a particular opportunity, then this is clearly explained on the listing. For loan notes we do not charge any fees to investors.