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Start to build your own property portfolio online from £500 with no mortgages and access to deals only professionals get to see.


With properties managed by Countrywide plc and rental income paid monthly, Property Moose is the hassle free way to extend your portfolio.

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Our market leading technology gives you unrivalled information on your investments, including instant valuations, rental reviews and diversification reports.

Invest for Returns. Invest for Good.

Whether you are investing to maximise returns, or want to give something back to your local community.
Property Moose has investments available for you.

and income

By investing with Property Moose, you will share in any capital growth and rental returns in proportion to your investment. Properties are managed by our partner, Countrywide plc, and any net rental returns are paid to you monthly.


All of our properties are bought for 100% cash with no loans or mortgages. We also don't pay any interest with all returns coming from a share in any profits.


We have partnered with some great social enterprises to help support our local communities through property investment. You can earn great returns whilst reducing empty homes, housing the needy or improving the environment.

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