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Over the last 20 years, UK property prices have grown by 14.34% p.a. on average*

This is compared to the FTSE All Share index which has delivered 3.46% p.a. on average over the last 20 years*. We believe that property should form a part of everyone's investment portfolio and give you the control to select an investment that suits your goals. By investing in many properties instead of one, you can diversify your risks and help to increase returns over time.

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* Source: FTSE | Property


A Range of Investment Types

Invest in more than just buy-to-let opportunities: invest in loan notes, invest in Private Equity structures, invest in buy-to-sell ‘flip’ properties. Learn about building a diverse investment portfolio.

Hassle-Free Diversification

Our team takes away the hard work and handpicks investments across the UK. At the click of a button, you can invest in a range of investment types, each with different risk/return profiles.

Secondary Market

At any time, you can list your investments for sale on our Secondary Marketplace. You set the price and the number of shares and other members have the opportunity to buy them. Best of all, there is no charge for selling your investments.

Regular Valuations

Every 6 months, properties in your portfolio are assessed against an independent market appraisal from two local agents and a specialist asset management company so you can see how they are performing.

Stay Up To Date

Receive updates about your investments on our internal messaging system. You get to vote on all key decisions relating to changes in your portfolio, from approving a tenant, to agreeing the sale price.

Transparent Financials

Our investment calculator will quickly show you the projected returns as well as financial breakdowns for each investment opportunity. Enter the amount you want to invest and see how the numbers stack-up.

3% Per Annum Daily Cash Bonus

From the moment you invest until the time the property is acquired. This is paid as a reduction in our initial fees to encourage early investment. You can opt in or out.

Investor Community

Be part of an active and growing community of property investors. Create a profile, follow your friends and build your own social network at the click of a button.

Investment Dashboard

Each week your portfolio is assessed against market data so you can check how your investments are performing. You can also make key decisions, such as voting to approve a tenant.