Our story starts in 2013

Property Moose was founded in 2013 as one of the pioneers of the property crowdfunding market in Europe.

In the UK, property investment has traditionally been open to those with cash savings and access to finance. Even the individuals that could invest were usually limited to buying one or a small number of properties, reducing their ability to build a diverse portfolio.

Property Moose set out to change the way people invest in property and truly diversify the sector. Now you can invest in a wide range of property and other investments across the country from £100, allowing your funds to track UK property prices.

Since 2013 a lot has changed, and we now specialize in buy-to-let crowdfunding, buy-to-sell crowdfunding, Private Equity crowdfunding, and lending using funds raised from the Property Moose investor community.

  February 2014

We pitched on CrowdCube

We pitched on CrowdCube to raise investment for a brand new website. Until recently, we were the fastest ever pitch funded on CrowdCube, and raised more than 280% of our target. With this new investment, we started working hard to create the unique and market-leading technology that our members enjoy today.

  March 2014

We opened our doors

Property Moose opened its doors to investors with a soft launch. With a new website, unique features, and a fully automated experience, the site soon broke through 1,000 members. The launch was covered by national TV channels as far away as Brazil.

  September 2014

We completed our 1st property

The first property acquisition was completed 6 months after launch. The first 63 Property Moose investors started earning returns one month later. With this experience, we started to recruit an expert team to source exciting investment opportunities, improve our technology and engage with our members.

  December 2014

We received VC backing

AXM Venture Capital, which manages the North West Fund, led a syndicate who injected £290,000 into Property Moose. This money has helped us to grow our team, improve our property sourcing pipeline and re-design our website, as well as much more. Since this investment, we have grown quickly and now have investors in more than 50 countries.

  January 2015

We opened a new office

With increasing demand for properties on our website, we needed to increase our nationwide presence. With an office in Liverpool, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the leading sources of investment property in the North West.

  March 2015

£1m invested in property

In March 2015, roughly a year after launching the first site, we completed on £1m of property. This was a great milestone and down to the support of our members.

  December 2015

We received more VC backing

AXM Venture Capital led a further syndicated funding round which saw £440,000 invested in the Property Moose business. This money is to support the business in its growth plans and to help us spread the word even further!

  July 2016

We completed our first Private Equity deal

We launched what we believe to be the first crowdfunded Private Equity opportunity in the UK. Our members invested alongside institutions in an £18.5 million Gross Development Value project in South West London.

  July 2016

We offered a new product

Our first loan-note fundraise completed in just a few days and our members had access to a wider range of products and investment opportunities than ever before.

  September 2016

We launched our Secondary Market

In September, we launched our Secondary Market, which is an online trading platform that allows you to buy and sell shares in real time. Our in-house software engineers created the platform from scratch using proprietary share-trading technology. The secondary market is now closed until further notice.

  December 2016

We launched another new product

After extensive research, we decided to launch a new type of investment opportunity on the Property Moose platform: the buy-to-sell product, otherwise known as ‘property flipping.’ We believe this has allowed our members to diversify their portfolios further.

  February 2017

We completed our first successful exit

SPV 1, which held a 2-bedroom terrace house in Greater Manchester, completed its investment term and was officially sold. We believe this marked a milestone for our business, and indeed the industry.


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