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We regularly launch a range of unique investment opportunities allowing you to build a diverse property backed investment portfolio.

You can invest £10 to £500,000+, it's up to you. Each investment is structured in an individual limited company. Upon investing, you will become a shareholder of the company, or a lender to the company.

You will receive a share of any return, whether it's income, capital growth, or interest in relation to your investment. You can exit early on the Secondary Market, provided there is a willing buyer, or wait for the term to expire.

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Property Crowdfunding

Property Moose created one of the world’s first fully integrated digital property crowdfunding platforms. Utilise our technology and become a landlord at the click of a button.

Earn monthly income

As soon as a property is tenanted, you can earn monthly rental income, paid one month in arrears. This is paid directly into your account net of management fees and any costs on the last day of each month. You can easily withdraw your monthly income, or reinvest it to build your portfolio.

Share capital growth

At the end of the fixed investment term, you can vote to sell your investment on the open market, on the Secondary Market, or retain your shares. All value projections are based on up-to-date market assumptions, such as Savills' 5 Year Forecast. We also provide an independent third party valuation.

Trade shares on the Secondary Market

You can sell your shares before the term expires or extend your portfolio by utilising one of the world's first Property Trading Markets.


Quickly and easily see which shares are available at a premium or a discount, and evaluate the historic performance of each deal by reviewing the publicly available accounts and messages. There is a 2% transaction fee for Secondary Market investments.


You set the price. Take a look at all of the other shares available and make your choice — incentivise buyers with a discount or list your shares at a premium for capital gain, subject to there being a willing buyer. It's free to list your shares for sale.

Secured Loans

Our secured loan investments are used to lend directly to carefully vetted property developers, and alongside other mainstream lenders.


All loans are fully secured against the underlying property asset, with full details of the loan to value and security shared with you before you invest.

We take risk management very seriously and our lending team has decades of experience. You can view our loan note instrument in 'Key Documents'.


All of our loans are for a fixed term, typically 12 to 18 months after which the loan falls due for repayment.

You can sell your portion of the loan on the Secondary Market, subject to there being a buyer at the price you set, or extend your portfolio by buying more of the loan.


Our loans typically pay interest rates of 8-12% depending on the loan and security in place. This is designed to ensure that our investors receive a fair return for their investment based on the risk profile of the loan.

Most importantly, we aim to provide all of the information you need to make a decision that suits you.

Diverse property crowdfunding opportunities you’ll love.

Our Property Team constantly research the market and assess potential investment opportunities that would be suitable for crowdfunding. Collectively, the team has decades of experience across property, legal, technology and financial services, aiming to give you confidence in the opportunities launched on the platform.

We take a multi-layered approach to capital protection, and reject more than 90% of the properties that we review.

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We’re transparent about our fees

Crowdfunded Buy-to-Let Investments

Rental income from tenanted properties is paid into your account each month. When the property is sold at the end of the term, you receive your share of any capital growth.

Fundraise Fee

This 5% fee covers the cost of raising funds, extensive due diligence, deal structuring, compliance and corporate governance, and marketing. The fee is added to the total acquisition costs and forms 5% of any investment you make.

Profit Share

Our fees are tied directly to the success of your investment. 15% of the net capital growth is shared with Property Moose at the end of the investment term. Remember, all of our projected returns are shown net of fees and other known costs.

Other Costs

For BTL investments, there is a 10.5% (+VAT) property management fee deducted from monthly rent. As with all property investments, there may be unforeseen costs but we do our best to mitigate these, including utilising the provision fund.

Upfront: 5.0%  /  Monthly: 10.5% +VAT  /  Exit: 15.0%

Secured Loan Investments

Funds are raised on the platform for our exclusive lending opportunities. Using the funds, we make secured loans and offer buy-to-let mortgages to carefully selected professionals for property development.

Our team has decades of property lending experience.

We seek to make a margin by lending the funds so there are no fees payable on this type of investment.

Upfront: 0%  /  Monthly: 0%  /  Exit: 0%