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We aim to offer a range of different property investments at any one time so you can choose the investment that's right for you. Our investors typically invest regularly to build up a diversified investment portfolio across the country.

Each investment opportunity is structured in an individual limited company and as an investor you will become the owner of a portion of the shares or a loan in the company. You receive a share of the return, whether it's rental income, capital growth, or a fixed-return in relation to your shareholding.

If you want to exit your investment, you can do so on the Secondary Market, provided there is a willing buyer, or wait for the fixed term to expire.

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Earn monthly income

Once you have invested, your money gets to work. We pay a 3% p.a. cash bonus which is calculated from the day you invest until the day the investment has become fully funded.

As soon as a property is tenanted, you will start to earn monthly rental income, paid one month in arrears. This is paid directly into your account net of management fees and any costs on the last Friday of each month. You can easily withdraw your monthly income, or reinvest it to build your portfolio.

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Share capital growth

At the end of the fixed investment term, we manage the sale of the property with the proceeds being shared amongst the investors after any costs and expenses.

You can keep track of your portfolio on your investment dashboard. Each week over a million data points are assessed to give you an estimate of how it is performing.

All of our projections are based on up-to-date market assumptions, such as Savills 5 Year Forecast and RICS House Price Forecast. We also provide an independent RICS valuation. This means you can easily verify and conduct your own due diligence before investing.

Trade shares on the Secondary Market

Whether you want to liquidate your shares before the term expires or extend your portfolio by taking advantage of any available discounts, what we believe to be one of the world's first Property Trading Markets is at your disposal.

For buyers: Quickly and easily see which shares are available at a premium or a discount, and evaluate the historic performance of each deal by reviewing the publicly available accounts and messages.

For sellers: You set the price. Take a look at all of the other shares available and set your price to exit early, or make a capital gain, subject to there being a willing buyer. There is no fee for selling your shares.

Transparent fees

Our fee structure is tied to our investors’ interests — we make money when you do.

Fundraise Fee

Property Moose provides you with a world-class service and exclusive access to innovative property deals and other investment opportunities. We also offer expert customer service that all of our members can benefit from for free.

Where applicable, the Fundraise Fee covers our costs in raising the funds, conducting extensive due diligence, structuring deals, the development and management of what we believe to be market-leading technology, marketing to grow the community, and of course the safe operations and accounting of the SPVs.

Profit Share

For some opportunities, our profits are tied directly to yours. When a property of Private Equity deal is sold at the end of an investment term, a percentage of the net capital gain (after costs and expenses) is shared with Property Moose.

We want to ensure our aims are directly aligned with our members, as such we are incentivised to strive for strong returns in all of the investment opportunities.

Remember, all of our projected returns are shown net of our fees as well as any known costs and expenses.

Other Costs

We do all that we can to mitigate other costs due to the profit share. However, as with any investment, there may be unforeseen costs due to maintenance of the property, or the operation of the holding company.

For buy-to-let investments, there is a standard 10.5% (+VAT) management charge deducted from the monthly rental income which is used to pay local expert agents who manage the properties.

All of our projected figures are shown net of known costs and expenses. You can see all of these within the finance section of each investment opportunity.

Investment Type Upfront Fees Ongoing Fees Exit Fees

Buy-to-Let Investments

5.0% 10.5% (+VAT) 15.0%

Buy-to-Sell Investments

5.0% 2.0% p.a. 15.0%

Private Equity Investments

5.0–8.0% 2.0% p.a. 15.0%

Loan Investments

0.0% 0.0% 0.0%

Diverse investment opportunities you'll love

The Property Moose team are constantly researching the market assessing potential opportunities with the aim of creating innovative new ways to invest. Our team has decades of experience across property, legal, technology, and financial services, giving you confidence in the opportunities that we launch on the investment platform.

We want to remain strong as a community and provide the best protection for investors' capital. That's why we take a multi-layered approach to capital protection:

We reject more than 90% of the properties that we review.

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