What is your investment criteria?

We conduct a very comprehensive and defined procedure before a property is listed. Each deal will go through the hands of the whole Property Team, Property Committee, and other senior employees before it goes live on the website.

As well as this level of care, there is certain criteria that each prospective deal absolutely must fit before we consider offering it to our members.

There always has to be embedded value in the property. This is shown by a discount to the RICS valuation and is expressed as a percentage Below Market Value.

We will only list properties in locations with projected capital growth. We obtain this information in a number of ways, but primarily glean it from Savills’s 5 Year Forecast. If the property is not in a high growth area, there may be less profit, if any, and our 15% profit fee will be affected.

In order to limit the length of void periods on properties, we try to source in areas where there is high rental demand. These areas tend to be near major trading or cultural centres, or in the greater urban area of a large city.

Speed is really important to us. We want to move quickly to complete deals and ensure that our investors have more variety, and as many opportunities to invest as possible. Speed also means there may be a reduced void period, and everybody’s money can get to work.

Being able to trust the vendor is a critical element when sourcing properties. We need to know that they won’t let us down when a property has become fully funded. Building these relationships is difficult, but we put lots of time and energy into it and already have a fantastic network.

This is just the beginning - finding a suitable deal takes much more care and research. Please get in touch with one of the Property Team for more information.