How are the properties valued?

Previously, we used Zoopla’s Zed-Index to determine regional growth and regional decline. We would combine this with a RICs approved partner surveyor, which would value each individual property once, before we secured it.

In November 2016, we introduced the option to provide more localised and, what we believe to be, more accurate projections. Depending on availability, we will instruct either a Spicerhaart or a RICS valuation on our properties. We believe that Spicerhaart’s panel of valuers will use their combined experience, expertise and extensive local knowledge to match our high standards. Hopefully, this will highlight the potential of each individual asset. In addition, due to the cost difference between both methods, using Spicerhaart can allow us to value each individual asset every 6 months. As a result, in an average investment term of 3 years, an individual property could be valued up to 6 times. This is significantly more than a single valuation with RICS.

However, it must be noted that the method of valuation may vary depending on time constraints and availability. In addition, it must be remembered that the real value of a property is the price that someone will pay for it when we come to exit. Our valuations are no guarantee of a property price, and your own due diligence should be conducted. That said, our profits are tied to yours. We believe it is in both our interest and yours to conduct extensive research into a property’s potential, and ensure we are doing it in the best way possible.