What happens if it is not the right time to sell at the end of the term?

Control of when and on what terms a property is sold is down to the investors. This is done through an online voting process.

Each property is listed with a fixed term in mind, around 2-3 months before the expiry of the term, our investment team conduct a full exit review of the property, including appraisals from local agents. Our team then look at the best option for exiting the property for a combination of (i) the best price and (ii) the shortest exit period and then write an exit report.

This report will be circulated to the investors, along with the proposed exit route. Investors will then have the opportunity to vote if they want to retain the property.

There is a 14 day fixed period for responding, with abstentions being deemed to agree to the sale. This is designed to avoid situations where people are holding up an exit if they are unavailable (or uninterested!).

If 75% of investors vote to retain the property, it will be kept for at least another year.