How do I know I can trust Property Moose?

We have been around a relatively long time in this new industry. Since 2013 we have been putting the interests of our members first by creating a secure and reliable investment experience. The combination of our team’s experience within the property industry, in financial services, in law and technology, should give prospective and existing members the confidence to invest with us.

We are also completely transparent about our fees and provide every piece of information about an investment opportunity that we have.

Aside from the service that we provide with our technology and deal sourcing, there are also multiple checks and balances that ensure we are fulfilling our obligation to deliver on our promises.

In order to operate within the framework outlined by the FCA, we are incredibly studious and thorough in everything that we do. You will also notice risk warnings all over our website and communications. This is an obligation, but one that we believe in. We only want members that understand the potential risks of investing.

If we fail to comply with the very rigorous rules, there is a substantial fine and an 8-year jail sentence.

Property Moose is operated by DFI Financial Services Ltd which is an Appointed Representative of Resolution Compliance Limited. Resolution Compliance are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (no: 574048). Property Moose Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of DFI Financial Services Ltd.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new industry, and because of that HMRC is very keen to ensure that our accounts are accurate and protected. We have a very structured approach to the way we collect and distribute funds. We have to ensure that everything is accurate so that if we are audited, or asked for information, we can confidently provide it, knowing that it is precise and correct.

We are trying to build a community of investors, and because of that we are opening ourselves to lots of scrutiny. There are forums, live webinars, and on our website you can see the profiles of certain investors. If we were providing an unsatisfactory service, we would very quickly hear about it.

Internally we have an Accounting Team, headed by our FD. There is also an internal Property Committee, Credit Committee, Compliance Team and we also use out-sourced compliance consultants.

Property Moose also sits on the board of the UK Crowdfunding Association. We are trying our best to raise the profile of the whole industry, and accurately convey the potential risks and rewards of crowdfunding.

The profit structure also means that we want you to invest with us for a lifetime - we wouldn’t risk jeopardising that relationship.