What is the Secondary Market?

Our Secondary Market is an exclusive online trading platform that gives you the chance to buy and sell shares on Property Moose in real time.

Through the Secondary Market, you can now opt in and out of our investment opportunities by selling your shares at any point during the investment term. With this newfound flexibility, your investment position can be decreased in its commitment duration if a willing buyer is there to take your place.

You will have the ability to attempt to sell shares at a premium, potentially benefitting from market leading returns before the investment term has lapsed. In addition, if you want to exit your investments quickly, you have the opportunity to try and incentivise buyers by selling your shares at a discount. This could be perfect if you need to release your equity before the end of the fixed term.

If your sale is successful, you will be notified by email when your share has been purchased and the funds will automatically be deposited to your Property Moose e-wallet. The share will then be transferred to the new owner who will then go on to earn the monthly rental income.

The SPV reclaims a 2% fee per transaction from the buyers of any shares on the Secondary Market. Property Moose will then charge the SPV for the use of the website to enable the transaction. For sales of over £1,000, there will be an additional stamp duty charge that will be added on and paid at the point of purchase by the buyer. It is free to sell shares.

Please note, however, that selling your shares on the Secondary Market is contingent upon there being a willing buyer and there is no guarantee that there may be a willing buyer or that your shares can be sold at your desired price.

To view shares that are currently available, you can visit the Properties page, where you will find the list of all investments and it will clearly state if there are shares available. You will find both the historical net yield and the discount/premium of the shares available so you can make an informed decision on the investment.